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Enriching Lives by Creating Health

Today is the day to begin the journey toward improved health and well-being.
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Springfield Chiropractors for Family Health

Feel Great at Associated Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition

Welcome to our warm and friendly office! Springfield Chiropractors Dr. John Paciorek and Dr. Shanna Paciorek offer the best in health optimization, with an emphasis on gentle treatment and functional nutrition. Their mission is to help every patient have a better life, regardless of their age, vitality level or physical condition. Our chiropractic care center is family-friendly and caters to the comfort and well-being of every single patient.

Discover Convenient, One-stop Care

Our patients appreciate that we feature cutting-edge techniques and modalities all under the same roof, including:

  • Gentle chiropractic care for all family members, from newborns, babies and children to parents, grandparents and moms-to-be. Our entire staff is health-conscious and takes the role of mentorship seriously.
  • Exceptional professional expertise in the field of functional nutrition. We can help those suffering from chronic conditions through the evolutionary approach of customized nutrition, dietary guidelines, exercise physiology and stress management.
  • Therapeutic massage therapy, as well as physiotherapies that include ultrasound, inferential and traction.
  • A warm, friendly and knowledgeable staff with excellent communication skills and unlimited compassion. We’re also very respectful of your time, and will never subject you to long waits while you’re in our office.

Get on the Path to Better Health!

We have a reputation for excellence in natural health care and feature a team of dedicated professionals. If you’ve been searching for a chiropractor near me, look no further! Contact us today for a convenient appointment with one of our chiropractors Springfield. Let today be the day you start to rejuvenate your health. Most insurance is accepted.