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Reviews for Associated Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition

What Our Patients Say . . .

I was injured at work in 2003 and referred to this office by a current patient. I had disk ruptures at L3 and L4 with radiating pain down both legs. I was unable to walk more than 20 feet at a time. It took all of my energy to just go to work. I had been treated by a pain management doctor and was very dissatisfied with the prescription cocktail they had me on. At one point I was awake for days due to side effects for the prescribed medications. I also had pain injections into my spine. With Dr. John I went from walking very slowly and gingerly to walking anywhere, any time I want. The ability to take a normal stride when I walked was phenomenal. I also have been able to control my health with Dr. John’s help. It is nice to have my life back! Give Dr. John a try. I was not a believer at first and now I am living proof that he can restore you lost function. – Angie


This office has helped me with more than I expected. I went in for help with my neck and back but was amazed by everything else Dr. John understood. He has helped me change my diet and lifestyle which has me sleeping better, removed my “brain fog,” given me more energy to play with my 2 year old daughter, and helped return me to exercise. Without him I would have not been able to run the New York City marathon. I am extremely grateful to this office. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment! – Steven


testimonialsWe can’t recommend Dr. Paciorek and his staff enough! They are all so personable and friendly – and always incredibly patient to listen to any new thing that comes up in our family. We were unfamiliar and nervous about chiropractic before we came in, but Dr. Paciorek eased our concerns, gave knowledgeable information, and attentive care. My husband has seen incredible improvements! Not only has his back and shoulder pain improved, but with Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Paciorek has been able to pin point supplements to help Jesse with his allergies – it’s a night and day difference. We love bringing our two girls in as well (2years old and 5 months – both since birth). We will be loyal patients forever! – Ally


I started with this office at the beginning of this year – and am so happy I did. I was suffering with severe leg pain and had to take mega doses of ibuprofen 800 to take the edge off. Not only did Dr. Paciorek heal my leg pain, he has helped with other health issues. I made mention of my chronic sinus issues and he was able to make an easy recommendation which has surprised me! I now wonder if there is anything Dr. Paciorek cannot help with! I tell everybody I know about this office. – Rich

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